Eagle Swag Bag

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Our new Eagle Swag Bag is specially curated to help you to get a perfect gift for your Host Gift, Christmas Gift or any special occasion gift for your friends or families. 
Our Swag Bag combines quality spirit merchandise that are useful and exclusive, packed in a luxury velvet Eagle pouch. Come and visit the Booster Store or order online to get one. 


Eagle Swag Bag - Option 1 : 
1 x Eddie the Eagle 
1 x Red Insulated Travel Tumbler
1 x Pair of Coaster 
1 x Eagle Red Pouch  
Bundle Price : $38

Eagle Swag Bag - Option 2 : 
1 x Kitchen Towel 
1 x Black Ceramic Mug 16 oz 
1 x Pair of Coaster
1 x Eagle Red Pouch
Bundle Price : $30

Eagle Swag Bag - Option 3 : 
1 x Eagle Red Pouch
Price : $5


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