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Beneath the Lion City

Beneath the Lion City

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Singapore’s vibrant multicultural heritage has always had an element of enchantment, but this anthology of twenty-six short stories casts the Lion City as a realm of the irreal: a what-if world that blends the subtly supernatural and the vividly real. From a taiyaki shop supervised by a talking cat to a girl who melts in the humidity, the stories in Beneath the Lion City delve below Singapore’s surface to unearth the magic in the mundane. Take a leap from everyday reality into a world where the sky turns pink and a fisherman hunts merlions as Singapore American School’s Advanced Topic Writing Seminar students uncover new facets of the Little Red Dot.

“This collection of fantastical stories by the students of SAS’s Advanced Topic Writing Seminar is a marvel. Written with imaginative joy and a wisdom beyond the years of their authors, these stories examine the magical in the everyday, and express the strangeness of living in Singapore in the 21st century. If this book is any indication, the future of Singaporean speculative fiction is in very good hands.” —Jason Erik Lundberg, author of Strange Mammals